Girl drifter on street back to wall

Off the street

Life on the street is hard: a helping hand is all you need. But beware who offers you a way out. It might not be what you expect.
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Castellated Mansion

The spirits left behind

Taking on a wine and spirit merchant's old mansion and converting it into a new culinary venture and bistro was challenge enough, without the surplus spirits left behind.
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Eleven Eleven

Numbers never meant much to Xavier, except being a pain in the math class. But on his eleventh birthday, one number continued to haunt him.
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Halloween Graphic

Two more at Hallowe’en

Pete and his little sister, Susie, are joined by two friends from their street to go trick and treating. And then, two more appear upon the scene.
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Just a couple or so short stories for now, but there will be more to follow soon.
You'll find stories like these in two of my books, available as Paperback or a Kindle read from Amazon.
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The Schooling Chair

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