Lightweight poems that are for pure entertainment. Some out of the book and, soon, some new.
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Two women with surprised look on one.

The Gossip

She likes to know what’s going on
And, even more, to pass it on,
So, what she hears she soon will tell,
To friends and neighbours she knows well.
Around the town, her ears are keen,
Everything, with her eyes, seen.
What’s more, she has a rabid thirst,
To gather all the bad news first,

So many stories there, to store
And once they’re told, there’s plenty more.
Her up the road, him down the street
She knows exactly where they meet.
There’s young Jim and Mabel, too
What she’s heard, she says is true,
But what about your Aunty Pat?
How could she have heard of that?

With secret whispers going ’round,
There’s always treasure to be found.
Tittle-tattle amongst the folk,
Some quite serious, some just a joke,
And she’ll hang on to every word
Even when it seems absurd,
But I know she’ll never refer
To that one secret I know about her.

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