Lightweight poems that are for pure entertainment. Some out of the book and, soon, some new.
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I know we must be poor.
Mummy and Daddy have only one bed.
They must have saved hard for my bed
and my brother’s,
’cause we’ve got one each.
And our own rooms, too.

I know they’re not comfortable, like me.
I peeped into their room one night.
They were all restless and tangled up
and they must have been hot,
’cause Mum’s nightdress was on the floor
and she was sort of sighing.

I would hate to share my bed.
Especially with my brother.
He’s all smelly and grubby,
from playing with his friends down on the farm.
And he doesn’t wash his hair,
when Mummy makes him have a bath.

When I grow up,
I will marry a rich prince
and we’ll buy Mummy and Daddy a bed each.
And they can have a really big house,
With their very own bedrooms,
so they never need to sleep together again.

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