Lightweight poems that are for pure entertainment. Some out of the book and, soon, some new.
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Small garden vegetable plot.

A basket of goodness

Dig in deep
Turn over the spade
Earth over earth
With rich manure laid
Rake it and scrape it
Until level and clean
Sow it with seeds
Cabbage, carrot and bean
Nurture it, weed it
Protect it from frost
Taking great care
That none may be lost
Fight off the aphids
The birds and the slugs
Raising the produce
To fill many trugs
Healthy green veg
And colourful roots
Lettuces, radishes
Loads of soft fruits
Ripe for the eating
Or cooked up a treat
Grown on our own patch
And ready to eat
Come summer and winter
You’ll find something there
A basket of goodness
Fresh grown country fayre.

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