Romantic couple eating in reastauarnt girl feeding man



One man's attractions
leave him blind to a secret.
New flash fiction,
not in any of the books.

Nicky. Slim and attractive in a girlish way that belies her twenty-eight years. A blue eyed blonde, not unlike his wife, though a good few pounds less in weight. He took her to lunch three times and she felt all the vibes from the first. But by the third she knew there would be nothing beyond dessert.

Joanna. A feisty girl, ready to make the running with any man. But he was different, with his quiet manner, soft laughter and tenderness making her feel there was no one else in the restaurant. She expected more, the second time, but soon realised the meal was all she’d be getting.

Becky. The receptionist at one of his clients. A publishing agency that used him quite often for the illustration of children’s books. Her dress style was straight out of Alice in Wonderland, she was bubbly and he took her to dinner one night, after working late, in house. She didn’t expect too much that first time, but a peck on the cheek as he dropped off at her flat, was the last she saw of him for three months. It was lunch, then, in a small, countryside hotel. Secluded. Romantic. She had the afternoon off. And he went home early to his wife.

Josh. He thought he was getting somewhere. A pie down the local pub; a weekday soccer match; swimming together in the lido. Then Josh met his wife and saw the devotion in his eyes.

Dianne. Her boyish short hair is the deepest of browns, with lights of chestnut and a sheen you could never attain from a bottle. Five lunches in, she lost patience and for all his charm and athletic looks, she said no to the sixth. Ever since, she’s been wondering if she should have made the first move. Hopes still, that he’ll ask her out again. But he won’t.

His wife. She knows all this. She believes he isn’t truly unfaithful. He’s well aware of what they all want and, inwardly insecure, he just enjoys all the flattery. She’s happy with that. For all his little dalliances give her more long afternoons with me.

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