These poems mostly have a more serious note or an emotional view of a place or situation.
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White against blue

Sweeping the cliff line
Scanning the sea
Wings outstretched
You pass over me.

Flight feathers rippling
A single wing beat
White against blue
In the sun’s fearsome heat.

Head weaving, searching
A slight twist of tail
Following closely
An invisible trail.

Curving away now,
On thermals you soar
Circling upwards
Away from the shore.

You turn back towards me,
And silently glide,
The fish down below,
Have nowhere to hide.

Wings suddenly folded,
Straight into a dive
At such speed of entry
How do you survive?

Yet up you climb swiftly
Silver prey in your beak
On to the cliff side
With the meal you did seek.

Now it is sunset
And down on the beach
I think of your freedom
Quite out of my reach.

I watch you with awe
As between sea and rock
You seek tiny morsels
With more of your flock.

Then, silver grey back
And head held up high
With a beating of wings
You head back to the sky.

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