These poems mostly have a more serious note or an emotional view of a place or situation.
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Seeds of Greed

Give me a piece of your cake.
      I hardly know you, why should I give you a piece of my cake.
Your cake has more syrup than mine.
      But I need all my cake to keep me alive.
I still want a piece of your cake.
      Can I sell you some syrup drips off my plate?
That syrup should be in my cake. Why should I pay for it?
     Because then we both have syrup and I can buy more to eat with the money.
I am not going to pay. Just give me a piece of your cake.
      Sorry, I need all my cake.
Then I shall reach out and take your cake.
      No! I will guard my cake with my hands.
If you don’t give me a piece of your cake, I’ll throw a stone at you.
      If you throw a stone at me, I’ll throw two at you.
If you throw two stones at me, I’ll throw five at you.
      If you throw five stones at me, I’ll throw a big boulder at you.
If you throw a big boulder at me, I’ll take out my gun.
      Pah! Your gun is puny. I have an automatic rifle.
Well, I have an army of tanks that will soon destroy you.
      Just try. My navy and air force will strike you down, without mercy.
But I have a nuclear bomb and you cannot stop that.
      No; but my finger is already on the red button of mine.
There is nothing but dust and I have only a little fresh water.
      Give me some of your water.
Why should I give you some of my water?
      I have some seeds. I can grow food for both of us, if I have water.
How much will you pay me for my water?

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