These poems mostly have a more serious note or an emotional view of a place or situation.
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Scars of war

I have two scars
The one you see is ugly,
a vivid gash that races down my side,
a ripple of stitched flesh
that barely holds
my organs in place
and they, too, are stitched and skewed
in different contortions from
which they were born.

And onwards goes its path
in tortured curve
to the stump of flesh and bone
that knows no longer
where knee and foot
did disappear that day
the IED blew them across
a bloodied field,
where other’s body parts still lie.

The flesh can heal
the scar may slightly fade
the prosthetic limb enable me to walk
and lead a life again.
But what life can that be,
with still that unseen scar,
far beyond the reach
of any surgeon’s knife?
A mind that’s yet to mend.

The memories of pride
the crispness of uniform
the passing out in regimental honour
all torn aside
by the horrors of
battlefield gore,
shelled ruins
of once proud cities,
all life razed to earthy mounds.

And there are those who return
to tear-eyed families
encased in ensign draped coffins,
heroes never to see
the peace we hoped to bring,
nor the children
their generation bore,
nor resolution to their toil,
last memories, only of destruction.

Tragic that there lie
so many dead, so many graves,
scars that stay with families
that can never heal;
their flesh and blood
forever lost from sight.
But worst, is the scar
that tears apart the living mind,
invading dreams, torturing each day.

Remember all those lost at war.
Remember those whose war is never over.
Whose scars can never truly fade.
Remember that the sorry deaths of war
are survived by those brave souls
destroyed and distraught
in perpetual recall.
For war is never over,
it just moves on, in guilty repetition.

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