A sporadic blog of comments, moans, occasional images and videos, from the serendipities of life, that I might feel like sharing. Mostly for no particular reason.

Purely personal, some serious, mostly for fun.
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This is where it starts – again.

Looking forward to a post Brexit (or not) era, I no longer intend to make the scathing comments I used to, about the paucity of constructive performance by our politicians – Government, Opposition or MEPs, alike. It's a waste of time, now politics has become a career minded confusion of self-aggrandisement, by nearly all concerned. Henceforth a different take on life and all new posts will be thoroughly biased to the entertainment and pleasurable sharing of odd comments, writings, pictures and maybe the odd video, in order to keep visitors smiling. (Though I might still add a cutting remark or two, where the occasion warrants!)

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