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The ghost of Brexit lives on

Well, here we are. Hallowe'en. The day poor old Boris promised to get us out of Europe or die in a ditch. Neither of which has happened, of course, as it is the way of politicians on all sides to make promises they can't keep. So, we can put all the last few weeks of senseless turmoil behind us. And embark on the ill-timed General Election campaigns, wasting all those hours when, despite their differences, the disparate parties might just have found some common ground (if only they did what the public asked, seemingly aeons ago, and set aside Party politics and personal ambition, in favour of doing the job they're paid for).

So what have we to choose from. At one end of the spectrum, a no deal Brexit Party and a Conservative Party, with its watered down May deal that effectively establishes a 'Backstop', from day one, rather than waiting to see if it's actually needed. At the other, the SNP and Liberal Democrats (who both want to throw away democracy – it was a UK Referendum, remember?). And uncomfortably in the middle, the Labour Party, currently short on support and with a dithering leader desperately trying not to fall off his fence. Corbyn is like a man who wants his bread buttered on both sides, but never gets his wish, because he can't make up his mind which side to butter first.

Most of the MPs who will now be out of a job until (they hope) re-elected, should think hard on what the purpose of Parliament really is. Should engender more cross party cooperation and perform less slanging matches. I, for one, and I believe most of the public, think most would do better as clowns in a circus – except they wouldn't raise many laughs and would definitely get the sack for their performances.

The prospect is bleak. A wintry trip to the polls, on 12 December, is likely to bring another hung Parliament and more wasted time wrangling over who can actually work together to form a majority. The Queen's Speech abandoned (was it ever intended to be real?), the Budget abandoned and a rudderless UK being driven by a gale towards the rocks of a no deal exit. Surely the EU will baulk at yet another extension? No deal is the default and as much as neither side really wants it, none of the Parties may have time to stop it, no matter what Parliament tries to legislate.

But what of better things? All the Home policies that we need to run the UK will be set out in manifesto after manifesto, so we can judge where to put our X. There will be fine talk and promises upon promises, and despite the rhetoric, most likely an increased drain on taxpayers' pockets, maybe stealthily, to pay for it all.

Go to the polls, make you choice, if you can fathom out a sensible one, and perhaps we'll get a better assembly of MPs – with vision. Though my worry is, with so many good names disappearing from the list of candidates, we'll let in even more career politicians, who will make decisions from personal desires rather than serve the nation.

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