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Stock image. He's far too young to be me!

Getting Older

I found another book down at the library, today, about an old man and his adventures. Books with old men as heroes appeal to me. I’m still learning to be one. Old man, that is, not a hero. My body seems to have been to all the classes, but my mind still plays truant. Doesn’t want to get used to the idea, I suppose. The funny books are the best. The silly things they do sound more like me. In fact, I’ve done some of them. Like doing things the wrong way around, forgetting things or not hearing things right. Plus, when I try to behave like I used to, only much more slowly, I suffer numerous aches and pains the next day. And, with my wonky knees, often the same day.

I always thought you were supposed to grow wise with age and I looked forward to becoming some welcome sage, passing on wisdom to my juniors; not be met with ‘Out the way granddad. You’re well past it.’ But then, that’s what I might have thought when I was young. Come to think of it, I did, when it came to some of my old bosses, too stuck in their ways to move with the times. But today’s young career climbers can’t say as much to me. I’ve retired. Solved that problem.

Seems with this ageing business, you end up self-taught anyway. What I don’t know today, I might find out about tomorrow. And hopefully I’ve got a good few of those left, so I should get the hang of it eventually. Then I’ll be a proper old man. But, perhaps, still with a touch of the youngster deep inside.

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