A sporadic blog of comments, moans, occasional images and videos, from the serendipities of life, that I might feel like sharing. Mostly for no particular reason.

Purely personal, some serious, mostly for fun.
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Arms of UK Supreme Court

What's wrong with justice?

What's happened to our justice system? Why do we not make sentences stick? Shouldn't prisons be for hard and humane punishment and correction, where law breakers know they are there for the full term.
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Stock image. He's far too young to be me!

Getting Older

One thing we all know. You can't stop getting older. But old people are more adventurous these days, if you read some of the novels centred on senior citizens. Adventures that might not come my way, but it's good to dream.


The ghost of Brexit lives on

Hallowe'en. The day our link with Europe should have died and yet its spirit is still there, haunting Westminster. Not that there will be any exorcising in the next few weeks while election campaigns run their course.

This is where it starts – again.

In an earlier iteration of this website, I included "Verbal Ramblings", a blog of occasional comments , mostly berating, fruitlessly, the political ineptitude of both Government and Parliament. But no more.
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