A sporadic blog of comments, moans, occasional images and videos, from the serendipities of life, that I might feel like sharing. Mostly for no particular reason.

Purely personal, some serious, mostly for fun.
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Black and white jigsaw pieces

Black has no colour …

The inspiration for a rap-like poem came from a thought that we should see black devoid of colour, never judge a person by the colour of their skin, but believe that everyone should have an equal chance in life to be selected on their relevant abilities.

Oh, Mr Cummins,
what have you done?

Wrong kind of isolation

It is quite understandable for Dominic Cummings to put his family first. Less so to first evade the truth and then not admit he has caused political damage and could have made a better, safer choice at the start.
Evolution Cartoon

Is mankind regressing?

Evolution seems a comfortable explanation of how mankind got here, especially when you think you are at the top of the species. But is it all one way?
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