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The Schooling Chair
Portion of cockface.


I glance at the clock. Not long now. Only three patients left in the other chairs. I presume they’ll go in first. Ruddy faced man, stubble, tussled hair, scowling, dribble of blood from the corner of his mouth, strong smell of alcohol. I glance back down at my magazine, too nervous to read it; look up again. Shy looking old lady. In her eighties? Saw her show the receptionist her upper dentures. Split in two. Now wrapped back in soiled grey, lacy handkerchief. I fidget. Pick a different magazine. ‘Rubbish dentist. This is the second time,’ from tall, trim, man; sharp shirt, designer jeans, obviously pressed; no socks; gold medallion gleaming on hairy chest; shiny white teeth, except for one missing veneer. My nerves jangle more. They go in. The drill whines. Just me. The dentist looks out from his door. ‘Ah! Miss Webster. About the dental nurse job? Yes?’

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