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The Schooling Chair
Sand dredger out of Padstow

Race the tide for home

I watch with awe as guillemots, kittiwakes and terns, wary of egg thieving predators, fight for space on ledges of sheer cliff, or soar through the channel between my seaward viewpoint and the chalky face. But have I stayed too long?

I scramble down to the pebbled fringe of the island to see the first veneer of tide slip across the sand scoured, sea washed causeway, my mind still filled with images of puffins, noticeably fewer now, dropping clumsily to green tussocks on the cliff top edge of the down, clown bright beaks overstuffed with pilchards, as in Chaplin haste, they waddle to old rabbit burrows, borrowed for this year’s nest.

I had found the vestiges of the old bird hide I sought, hauled plank by plank from mainland foreshore, in my childhood days, and now race the tide for home. But only at the steady pace of aged legs.

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