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The Schooling Chair
Woman in fitful sleep.

Creature of the night

I choose my victims spontaneously, irrationally. Today, a plump roundness of innocent flesh, peacefully wrapped beneath the soft warmth of a duvet, head snuggled into a feather-down pillow, ignorant of my presence.

I watch. I wait. Until fluttering eyelids tell me the perfect depth of sleep. For I am a creature of the night and I come to you without warning.

I flow languidly into your mind, like melting wax. I carry your daydreams away and fill you with doubts and horrors that stretch imagination beyond believability. I shut out the light and plunge you deep into dark chasms of suffocating breath, piercing ice needles and searing hot irons, in an ever-changing kaleidoscope of torture and pain, until you struggle to arouse, to pull back your soul, head spinning, sweat drenched and gasping; clutching at morning daylight, in fear that death has already taken you.

I am your nightmare. You can banish me, now. But I will come again.

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