So far, there are five books, all produced since I retired.
They span a variety of genres
and cover everything from stories of just a few words
to full length novels, with outlines of their content given on this page.

Watch out for a new release, planned for later this year,
and enjoy, also, sporadic new works exclusive to this website.


The Schooling Chair is the place where dreams are made, futures born and the world opens up its treasures.

This compilation of short stories and flash fiction does much the same, reaching to every corner of emotion, spanning time and place; even taking you to the far reaches of the universe; and beyond earthly knowledge.

Whatever genre you favour, you will most likely find a story in here to swell your soul, but read on beyond that and you will find that there is so much more to discover, conveyed to your imagination through brief encounters with other lives, other views; some to make you smile, some a little sad, some to make you think awhile.

As with all my books, the cover design, layout, and the original artwork and publishing files are all self produced.

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The Spider Man
As a young boy Clive O’Shea loved walking with his father down country lanes, intrigued by the multitude of miniature life he showed him: especially the spiders. Then his father disappeared and his mother held him to blame. Though he never knew why. As he matured, he began to realise that his mother, Margaret, had adopted a lifestyle he despised: and maybe she deserved the blame, not him. Then, he found out why he would never see his father again. Incensed enough to want his mother dead, and plagued by lurid dreams, he set out to expunge an evil common, so he believed, to womanhood and in so doing set upon a path of fantasy, abduction and death. When teenager Andrea Courdon failed to return home, one night, DI Linda Warshinton was given the task of finding her, quickly and alive; but what she uncovered was a distressing thread of dismay, spun by the ever-elusive perpetrator, leading to a confrontation with The Spider Man.
A Darkness of Voices
Paul Hewitt believed he had found the perfect partner in Giules Franciotti, unaware of the missions that she and her feisty sister, Maria, kept secret from him - until he, too, was drawn into one, with a disastrous result.

As a consequence, all three lives are threatened by Mark Tynesdale and a malicious Mr Grace, whose legitimate concerns hide an underworld of intrigue, murder, and human misery. Mark, having taken over a family business that he had greatly expanded, has his own dark secret: one known to Mr Grace, who secretly takes advantage of Mark by using Mark's covert courier service for his own nefarious deeds. After sending Paul on a clandestine errand, Giules, is forced to expose the truth of her activities: but not to the police. DI Robert Brown would have to find Paul’s assailants the hard way.

After a tortuous chase that ends in another death, Mark's secret is revealed, while Mr Grace, his illicit operations discovered, plans an escape: but there are those who hope to thwart him - if there’s still time.
Tuna on Tuesdays
When Anne Grant invited her son to a Christmas Lunch at Arden Ash, without telling Edna Gray, all she had intended was to show an independence of spirit and less need for the constant guidance offered by her self-appointed mentor. She didn’t expect the kind of interest his introduction would arouse – or that a train of events among her new acquaintances would lead to such tragic consequences.

Hearing how Anne had found the son she thought was lost to her forever, appealed to Edna's inquisitiveness - and other residents of Arden Ash, too - but it might have been wiser had the full story not been told. A light read, laced with a little humour, tragedy, mystery and intrigue.
Dandelion Days
Some see the dandelion as an evil weed, others recall the beauty of a wildflower spread across a sunlit field.

Whichever your point of view, this book provides a varied collection of prose, poetry and rhyme to match many a mood.

Originally written for my own amusement, reflection or especially for my family – be they adult or child – this eclectic compilation is a short volume that that is designed to be dipped into when you just want to fill a few moments with a quiet read.

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